Saturday, July 18, 2009

Software Industry Status - After Women's Emergence

It's been sometime since I wrote things other than me in this blog. Here is the one which is nothing to do with me(happy enemies??? you people had long gunning for this).

Okay now to the point....

My current sleep spoiler is - speedy project development to deliver quickly, no matter what hell happens anywhere/any form the quality should be top notch etc... etc... Why this all??? What are we losing/gaining by this way? many questions... no answers... to answer this, to analyze this, I was forced to turn on my deep reserve internal thought process engine. It has worked amazingly well and came with findings with equally amazing facts. The key to all issues are just one object(one object but unfortunately with multiple instances) 'Women'. Continued.

What are the impacts of women in Software Industry post their emergence in lead roles? I have been thinking a while(really brainstormed hard, you understand it while reading further) about this to understand why there is so much mad rush of delivering projects, unrealistic schedules, introducing "brand-new-world's-first" features which only testers use(developers seldom revisit the features, they are so scared that they happen to see bugs the moment they touch the feature. so close the application, be happy. god help users.).

Women was there in software industry for long time but those participation must have been limited to beautifying code(i.e. make up code... which they are excellent at - no arguments over this), cleaning up code repository before/after project start/end, and not but least organizing coffee/tea/snacks for team meetings etc... When their predominant job is such and such, there was no problems in the early days of software industry.
Proof to that point is look at the number of years people took to release patches/new products etc during the mid 19'th century. Men who worked at that time must have been enjoying life - done relaxed development, released projects as and when everybody is done with their work. That's correct model which closely matches with the human evolution history. Do things slowly, steadily, gradually. This is how it should be... It took so many million years for bunch of monkeys to become Men and Women(I still wonder whether there is still some kind of progress left for the later. God knows.).

Okay now you see the state of software industry. Men in their mid 20's and 30's lost their hair, nearly 50% Men would have been virtually branded as blind if there had been no eye power correction glasses/laser correction, Men who otherwise does social activities for the betterment of human race is thinking about what to cook for wife/mom/daughter etc... All this should be attributed to the rise of that One Object to the leading positions in software industry.

Now people(irrespective of Man/Woman) started talking about delivery.. delivery.. delivery...(now you know why this terminology which was once originally used for sacred purpose now used very frequently in software industry?? Isn't because of that one object??).
They talk about on-time delivery(again see here its 'on time delivery', they expect software to be delivered just like that irrespective of what hell happens anywhere/any-form, deliver in 10 months. Post the improvements in medical field like cesarean, has made them to think that software should also be delivered quickly using close-to-cesarean-concepts like RAD[rapid application development], Incremental Development, etc... you see the whole problem??? because of that one object????).

If we keep on delivering things very quickly in contrast to human evolution history?? What's in store for future generation??

When C language was introduced, every kid from every corner started learning it(it happened even in my native Kovilpatti where computers was originally considered as replacement for television sets. those days televisions were all black/huge/non-digital etc.., so we thought this sleek/white/shiny/digital computer would enhance the TV watching experience. may be the one reason behind this is that crap DD 'vialum-volvum' program which never showed any colors even in color TVs.. always black sand, always white dhoti clad men.. just this black & white even in color TV sets).

Okay then after C when C++ was made popular just in short time, the same story, people ran behind whoever talks about computer(even if its computer peripheral salespeople), in hope that that person would be conducting courses in computer centers and can secure admission to 'Learn C, C++ in 10 Days'.

Then comes JAVA in no time, the same people rushed to study this too. When this same set of people study all this truly interesting language in record time, what would be left for future generations?? What job they have to invent/improve??

Imagine if our ancestor tribe uncle's have invented all items right from wooden wheels to Boeing aircraft wheels in their time itself, what would have been left for us to do now and earn?? Our tribe uncle's were intelligent(mainly because Women were running behind things which they should be and not about things that matter). They done things in their own pace. They developed few. Used it for their lifetime. Left the improvement to their future generations. Their future generations too followed the same principle. They developed some sort of bullock carts with wooden wheels and stopped there(they could have made Volvo's that time itself. Think if they could convince a Bull - just an animal - to run their vehicle, can't they make an engine which does what it's programmed for???).

But we because of that one object started to push things so fast so that, now people scared about global warming/emission/pollution/commission again advocating fellow people to use bicycle/just walk. Things are getting back to history. But software industry, not listening to any of this outrages, keeps on marching ahead. Deliver. Deliver. Deliver.

Where it will take us all??? What more Men has to lose? Where is the Change We Believe? Barack Obama does it successfully by stopping Hillary Clinton. What about other Men?? When can we develop things based on our ancestors principle rather than 'Rapid Application Development'? When can we get opportunity to enjoy Diwali for many weeks instead of 1 or 2 days???

Many more parts to come in. Keep watching.

Disclaimer: The above content either in part or as whole doesn't represent/talk about any particular human gender. Any attempt to interpret it in any other way other than the original interpretation(that's mine) is at their own risk. This statement is not mitigation to avoid litigation. Any complaint/suggestion petition to my mail. Thanks for your cooperation.