Friday, September 19, 2008

Journey of My Pet Tiger's Younger Brother & Family

My Tiger has been insisting me for long time that I should be writing a blog entry dedicated about its family. Obviously it will have that interests since it knows how many blog entries I have made about my family. Many may wonder how my Tiger made its interests known to me?!! Its a result of big research, I will tell you how... Tiger used to make sound like 'goof goof'(day time) or 'ooool.... ooool....'(night time) but for quite some days it has been making sound similar to this 'goof-ooool.... goof-ooool'... A combination of day-time and night-time noises... I was thinking what this could mean since its not been recorded in any history that dogs would make such noise. So I went down on research to decode it....

I wrote down the words 'goof-oool' many time fastly and continuosly.. say about nearly 4 hours... And by mistake at one instance I wrote 'goog-ooool'... You got it right know?? Yes I made a mistake in the word... But do you think I would over look the mistake and continue writing the word?? No... Never... Great Minds never leave the mistakes lightly and historic examples are Einstein reportedly made some 100's of mistakes before coming to the crap E=MC2 formula, and the Great Thomas Edison invented Lights after reportedly making some 1000 mistakes but he made use of mistakes and made new things out of it... Likewise why I'm telling all this is, the mistake I made while writing the word has some clues burried deep into it. Now come back to the word 'goog-ooool'... Does this sounds very unfamiliar?? No not all.. It strikes at the deep of your complex brain that something similiar has been heard by nearly all of the netizens... How?? Wondering??? Now just rework on the word 'goog-ooool'... remove some o's and you will get 'googl'... now have you got what my pet, Tiger is trying to say??? Still haven't got it??? Oops. My Tiger is genius compared to all who cant find the word yet... Its actually saying the word 'Google' my dear friends... Yes its talking(?!@?!) about the leading search gaint 'Google'... Now the job is half done still half is pending, we need to know why its talking about 'Google'.... Then comes this startling fact in my mind that my cute pet Tiger wants to make know this world about him, his family and culture by asking me write a blog entry and by that make Google crawl it and let the world study about it. And who knows one day their separated brother/sisters may host a reunion party by searching thier links/photos through 'Google'.... Oops see how talented my Tiger is.... I'm spell bound by talented sound 'goof-oool'....

I guess still few clever mind wondering, how I was able to give the 'let Google know' meaning??? Here comes the science... Its what people call 'Basic Instinct'... After all its my pet cared by me and I have strong interests in making people know about me by writing different blog entries and incidently this character has been passed implicitly to my pet Tiger -I strongly feel. Right?? Got all the missing clues??? You should have. Otherwise I suggest you to read again from the start.

Now for those who have got all this scientific experiments into this brain can go on and look at the pictures of my pet Tiger's family.

Here is my Tiger's newly born half-brothers.....

Remember this cute little boy... he comes later too...

Here comes the boy that you saw seconds before...
Grown up and alert... Name not yet declared.... Atleast I donno...

What else you expect me say about this pose... Pose Number 1

Pose Number 2

Pose Number 3

Pose Number 4

Pose Number 5

Pose Number 6 - Here comes the Mrs. Rangamani ____.. Mother of all...
Sorry I donno the surname....

Mrs. Rangamani in full posture..

Here comes the genius of all... Star of all kids.. Yes its Mr. Tiger.... The creator of new Google Doodle word 'Goof-ooooL'

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Recent Delhi Visit

Recently I visited Delhi to finish-off some unfinished work(definitely not planting the bombs but some techie work) and as-usual experienced lots of unforgettable experiences like sleeping in the airport for more than 6 hours due to a problem in my mobile, meeting famous(?#!) actor Govinda at Delhi airport terminal, and off-course from the talks I had with different people all through the day. Sharing few pics I clicked along all this,

Chennai Airport Passenger Loading Outer Terminal

While flying-in I went with IndiGo and this is one their flights(Airbus A320) interior.

Though actor Govinda is not visible but you can get who could be standing in other part of the picture from the way people look there.... After all India is a big celebrity freak nation.

Aahh here comes our hero Govinda... Sorry not able to get him in front of my camera... I should be RGV to get him I guess...

For novices... Flight ready to be boarded...

An under construction Delhi International Airport Limited(DIAL) terminal

A Parked JetLite Flight

JetAirways on Work

JetAirways on Repair

Few Parked KingFisher Flights

Few Parked SpiceJet flights

For novices.... An air-lift elevator for needies... It used to be shown often whenever you see our former PM Vajpayee coming out of flight....

Chennai Airport Fire Fighting(?#@) Service Cell

Obviously Runway

A aerial look of Delhi after an immidiate take-off

It must be Dwarka I guess... You can see lots of concrete jungle blocks which looks more like Dwarka... - Heralding Opening from into Gaming - one of India's leading internet company has released the beta version of its online casual games site and famously dubbed with nickname This announces the entry into lucrative business model which is increasingly getting attention from all sorts of web community.

Happy to be part of the development team and wish to see this grows and stands tall.

Back to Blogging!!!

Its long time since I have blogged about various pressing happenings. Have got into too much work but that happened for good. We have released one of our recent project - a games platform. You can check out that at this URL: Proud to be part of this development team, and it always brings smile when your work gets recognized widely. Wish this reaches many more milestones and bring healthy competition and thus benefiting masses in one or other way.