Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Recent Delhi Visit

Recently I visited Delhi to finish-off some unfinished work(definitely not planting the bombs but some techie work) and as-usual experienced lots of unforgettable experiences like sleeping in the airport for more than 6 hours due to a problem in my mobile, meeting famous(?#!) actor Govinda at Delhi airport terminal, and off-course from the talks I had with different people all through the day. Sharing few pics I clicked along all this,

Chennai Airport Passenger Loading Outer Terminal

While flying-in I went with IndiGo and this is one their flights(Airbus A320) interior.

Though actor Govinda is not visible but you can get who could be standing in other part of the picture from the way people look there.... After all India is a big celebrity freak nation.

Aahh here comes our hero Govinda... Sorry not able to get him in front of my camera... I should be RGV to get him I guess...

For novices... Flight ready to be boarded...

An under construction Delhi International Airport Limited(DIAL) terminal

A Parked JetLite Flight

JetAirways on Work

JetAirways on Repair

Few Parked KingFisher Flights

Few Parked SpiceJet flights

For novices.... An air-lift elevator for needies... It used to be shown often whenever you see our former PM Vajpayee coming out of flight....

Chennai Airport Fire Fighting(?#@) Service Cell

Obviously Runway

A aerial look of Delhi after an immidiate take-off

It must be Dwarka I guess... You can see lots of concrete jungle blocks which looks more like Dwarka...

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