Who I'm

I'm bit nostalgic, bit frivolous, serious software engineer, junior expert in IT leading a kind of life which is very different from the rest of mankind which doesn't necessarily mean I'm monkey, but in fact I'm kind of God.

My habits are overwhelmigly 90% good and does have 10% bad but unfortunately that 10% puts be in bad light before 70% of my friends and luckily saves the rest 30%.

I love reading & watching news, simply I live with news. I can keep on listening to news channels 24 hours a day continuously. Apart from this I care lot about my pet 'Puppy' which has my first right of love and secondarily I care about the later addition 'Tiger'. I like greeneries very much so much that I always keep others on their toe to keep my home green all the time by one or other way. I don't expect anything more from others than what I'm currently towards them and what I can do to them. So if you feel/think that you are not getting what you are expecting then it simply implies that you are not giving me the same.

I think extraordinarily and resulting in inventing new theorems similar to Newton. One simple theorem I have made recently is,

"The time taken to recognize the object is directly proportional to the size of the object and exceptions come when the dimension of the object becomes many"

Likewise I have huge pile of concepts and ideas which are left untapped. Anyone needs this service please write a mail.

And as always there are possibilities of error, because to err is human; without err is not human, so if you feel you have been treated unfairly please feel free to write me an mail stating your concerns.