Monday, February 15, 2010

My first ever Love Letter

A Love Letter for my program.

I wrote this one to participate in Valentine Day celebrations held in my office last Feb 12. Surprisingly I got second prize for my performance at stage.

Performance Unlimited :)

Here it starts,

My dear program, I couldn't start talking about anything else than talk about your amazing structure first.

While I'm scripting this love, I've got many sarcastic comments about how a program could be my lover?

Let me tell you how a program can be girl.

Do you think only girls can have expressions? Only Jothika(kollywood actress)/Kate Winslet(Titanic) can have expression on their face? My program too has got expressions. It has got arithmetic expression. It has got regular expression. I'm even openly challenging Jothika/Kate Winslet.. Can they have boolean expression on their face? My program can do that.

Do you think only girls can have trendy curly hairs? My program has curly brackets. Its beautiful to my program.

Do you think only girls has got conditions? good condition/bad condition/normal condition? My program too has got conditions. It has got IF... it has IF.. ELSE... condition and even SWTICH...CASE.... Is that not enough of conditions?

now everybody agrees to program can be girl? they should.

its amazing to see you always in good structure - with properly aligned head, body and footer - I mean foot. I always wonder how you maintain your structure even after many bars visit - I mean space bars. when I go to Marina beach for a jog, I usually see many over sized girls running around and flattening almost everything they step over. I think that must be the reason beaches has got so much of sand, but my dear code - you are great - with few tabs and bars you become a perfect figure. amazing.

my love, please understand how much I care for you. earlier I used to drop you at a directory point and go home. those bad viruses often attack us and you in particular fatally. again I have to put so much effort to create you. I got a plan dear. I have setup a cvs repository exclusively for you. Next time onwards, I will only drop you there in repository point. But don't feel you would be left alone there. Repository is not just place to live in dear. It has got a privileged green garden setup for you. Our repository has got many trees and branches. Yes what you heard is true. You can just play with that until I checkout you next day. I assure you - I pledge you to meet you day in and day out of my life.

please convey my special care to your mom keyboard and dad fingers. I like them as much as you do. In a way I'm a distant relative your dad - finger.

I love you very much my dear. Please let me know your comments.


My CTO and HR Head was all smiles and I got opportunity to talk with them. They said it was creative but my friends said as always its a yet another big mokkai - in other words - a big crap. Any case Happy Day indeed.

You can learn from this how to write creative love letter or crap love letter - whatever way you take.