Friday, February 06, 2009

Going to Write Exams

Old times of shivering for exams and preparing for it is back for me. My MS exams are scheduled tomorrow and I'm eagerly(?!@?!) waiting to try my hands on exams after some 4 years gap. I'm meeting my enemy tomorrow at Guru Nanak College both morning and evening.

Though exam is an enemy for me, I like to have fight with this enemy very often because so far in all the fights(right from class KG to Eighth Semester of my engineering) I have won all the rounds with good margins(lately).

This exams marks the beginning of official journey of two years to reach the destination M.S. I'm hoping to utilize this not just for sake of letters behind name but intelligence behind brain. God help me.. Oops.. Did I wrote God help me?? Myself is god. Is that not what I said in About Me section? Okay here is the real power... Mom please help me!!!

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