Saturday, September 19, 2009

PSR Engineering College Alumini Album

Hope this rekindles someone's memories... Straight to point.. No blahs blahs.... ;) I can see many relieved faces... beware you have mines inside...

Photos of 2003 batch,

Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE)

Computer Science Engineering(CSE)

Information Technology(IT)

Photos of 2004 batch,

Computer Science Engineering(CSE)

Face I remember
In fourth row, Jaipaul, Ganesh, Ashok, Jaison, Tito
In second row, Ganesh, Ramesh, Prassana moorthy
In third row, (I wont disclose any names as people standing are girls and if I disclose it, I would probably stand in line to be fined)
In first row, Prassna venkatesh, mari muthu

Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) - I

Face I remember,
In fourth row, Srinivasan
In third row, Parthasarathy

Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) - II

In third row, Babu

Information Technology(IT) - I

my department, no identification here... even though classes we belong are different, I know almost all the names. but wondering how long I would keep remembering. I have to turn the pages in my slam book to know these friends.

Information Technology(IT) - II

there stands at last row(over bench) 4th from right the beacon of hope, intelligence, compassion and all good things, you guessed it right.... It's none other than Me - Karthikeyan Ramchel.

You can notice, when everybody else in my class sporting in casual dress, I was the only one wearing the bullet proof jacket(uniform, but its just more opt to call jacket - credits to its all weather four year survival rate without even a pin hole opening) provided by college(point here: not for free. we paid for it)... I think I was sick the day before this photo shoot and it was informed to all that tomorrow they have group photo shoot.. The next day except me everyone else has got their casual wear on their back even though we had practical classes(by the way why in the hell we were made to wear that bullet proof jacket to sit before computers and do programs??? probably I guess decision making people there wrongly understood computer virus as deadly human infectious killer and can stop spreading to people by wearing 5in thick uniforms.. hmmm... I still see my college fellows wears uniforms, no awareness till this point)... I would have stood more handsomely had I known this photo shoot early with my designer made clothes(yes made by tailor at EMAR jowli store, main road, kovilpatti ;) )...

Photos of 2005 batch,

Computer Science Engineering(CSE)

Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) - I

Information Technology(IT) - I

Information Technology(IT) - II

Teaching Staff

most of the staff are my favorites(diplomatic??? huh... But) I have special favorites too they are
Uma maheswari madam(4th from right, first row), I always remember your satellite communication class mdm, and especially for an one particular assignment you put mark 10 out of 10 for me.. still grateful for it ;)

Durai kannan sir(1st from left, first row), oops cannot forget your discrete mathematics classes and my feat of memorizing all those shit 100+ algorithms of one particular chapter... still I'm far away from repeating that success for my current studies in MS

Deepalakshmi madam(6th from left, second row), hard to forget name, right from second year first day to fourth year last day... complete three years you have fought with us... big thanks for making our days at college - even under those emergency era(not Indira Gandhi's 1972 but ours 2000-2004) - an ever remembering days... no equals for you...

apologies madam(5th from right, second row), I forget your name, but I always remember your microprocessor classes

apologies sir(6th from left, third row), I forgot your name, but I always remember your first year Mechanical classes esp. the different type of boilers chapter... this topic has immensely helped our guys to categorize girls into most deserving one(no offense meant, just for fun) and also the time traveled together in college bus... who can forget 2 hours daily bumpy ride through village roads for 4 years.. probably that has made the backbone stronger to beat the heat of software engineering job blows...

sincere apologies sir(3rd from left, third row), I forgot your name, I always remember your Engineering Drawing(special thanks to my colleague Kousalya for helping me in recalling this subject name, sorry sir the subject name just like the subject content is very hard to remember all this years) classes.. your dedication/commitment/spirit of teaching still lingers in my mind... I wish I should take a leaf or two from your life to follow...

apologies madam(3rd from right, first row), I forgot your name, I should never have forgot your name but unfortunately due to heavy usage of help documents, user manuals, bug reports, hard appraisals and hardly coming increments, peer diplomacy, electronic gadgets etc..etc.. has put the recalling sub-routines of my brain to ever unused state by concentrating only current affairs... I always remember your OOAD classes, which I guess you took up this as your specialization because of its plain text format almost right from first to last page without any complications... I still remember your house visit along with Dhanasekar. I guess you must have made good fortune by completing whole semester by just handwritten cramped paper notes taken from library books and not spending money to buy books...

apologies madam(4th from left, second row), I forgot your name, who can forget your software engineering classes mdm. you should stand proud for seeding those initial details of desert software engineering subject in all our minds which has brought all of your students to this state... I hope/wish you have good times at gulf state - that was the last place we know you settled after marriage...

hosimin siva sir(5th from left, third row), unforgettable personality. it doesn't matter whether you get plastic replica at Madame Tussaud or other places.. but you have cemented yourself in all your students hearts.... Hope/Wish you having good times at your IT career now... I always remember your C classes and practicals... Special thanks for letting us(I'm not sure whether you know it) play Age of Empires/Warcraft multi-player games in collage practical lab... Amazing experience... Till now haven't got that chance like that again...

apologies sir(8th from left, third row), I forgot your name but will never forget your Visual Programming classes, especially the standard variable 'handler' you use whenever you write programs dealing with MFC graphical programming.

Ist year teaching staff

CSE department teaching staff

ECE department teaching staff

Non teaching staff

Face I remember
First row, Durairaj... any person who has studied in my college will remember this name as long as they remember whom they are...


  1. that was a well constructed essay(huh.. dont know wether i can manage such a bigg essay)and yeah even we get bullet proof uniforms!!i was very sorry to see no comments on such a beautiful essay describing ur college life!hope u will get a few more followers like me,@least those ppl who r very happy wid the management rules:);)

  2. :)

    glad to know from another comment that you are doing your engg. from my college... 'happy colleging'.. all the best..

    ps: im bit hesitant to publish your another comment atleast for time being.. may be in 3 years time and when you are out of college, i would publish it. keep your cool buddy.

  3. hmm good one

    when r u going to write about us ? we have spent more time with you than our lecturers...

  4. no problem mr ramchel u can do it when ever u wish(and yeah i will keep my self cool!!!)btw where r u now?and what u doin @ present!!u had any problems mingling with girls right after college??

  5. you can always check out what Im doing in About me section of this blog. Any case, right now im in Chennai doing coding kind of stuff.

    And to answer your other question about mingling with girls, there was no one situation I can recall where I was struck when dealing with girls. So forget about restrictions in place, its only for good and its needed for few who are not like me or you. So called problem of not mingling with girls is a classic case of issue blown out of proportion. Its not a problem at all.

  6. Great To see out friends with thier college memories. Was searching for articles about college finally landed here. Nice posts.