Saturday, May 27, 2006

My College(PSR Engineering College) - Part 2

College Bus Service:

PSR Engineering College Bus

To reach my college from my home, it would take atleast 1 hour 20 minutes. Its little far from my home say around 45kms. My college is located in a place called Sevalpatti, near to Thiruvengadam. College bus service has really helped the dayscholers(like me) very much. Take it for exams, or relaxed travel even in those potholed village roads. The second one from the left is the bus which I traveled for most of days(more than 3 years). Its the best bus among others with cushioned type seats and compared to other buses its very long in length indeed. My stop is the last one from the college. Sometimes we had travelled in the van(In picture - last one white - thats very fancy than bus) because in our stop headcount is very low around 8-10 thats comfortably suited for the van.

Computer Lab:

Computer Lab

The first programming ideas from my great(.?*^) mind got its shape in the above pictured lab. We used this lab during the second year of engineering. I do lots(
?*^) of C and C++ related stuffs in this lab.

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