Tuesday, January 02, 2007

India's Most Wanted Report

Is it possible to release a report which rates a VIP based on his behavior in public? And most importantly the report about the politicians who are power center of a nation?
Yes it is possible and a country did it by releasing a report about its powerful politicians rate card based on their behavior in power centers. If you think the country is India, probably you are novice about Indian system.

Now checkout the original report,

The Honourable Peter Dunne, New Zealand Member of Parliament of Ohariu-Belmont and leader of the United Future party, has today released a list of the worst-behaved MPs in Parliament for 2006.

Nick Smith, MP for the New Zealand National party, is listed as the worst-behaved on the list. Dunne said: "The winner by a country mile this year is National's Nelson MP, Dr Nick Smith, who is consistently among the worst-behaved MPs."

The list awards one point if Madam Speaker Margaret Wilson asks an MP to retract and apologise for a statement, and three points if he is asked to leave the House.

Smith was first on the list as he had 21 points, six retractions and five for being forced from the House. Smith was placed second equal in 2002, third in 2003, first in 2004 but didn't register on the list last year, 2005.

The Honourable Tau Henare is second with 14 points. He had to retract and apologise for five statements and was asked to leave the house three times.

Gerry Brownlee is ranked third both on the worst behaved list and the National party list. Mr Brownlee had twelve points because he had to retract and apologise for twelve statements. Mr Brownlee appeared on the list in 2004 in second place and in 2005 was placed fourth equal.

The leader of New Zealand First and MP Right Honourable Winston Peters appears on the list this year at fourth place with 11 points, from having to retract two statements and being asked to leave the House three times. Peters has been improving his behaviour every year, appearing on the list in first place in 2002 and 2003, fourth in 2004 and third in 2005.

Honourable Trevor Mallard is fifth place this year with nine points. Six points for having to apologise for a statement and three points for being asked to the leave the House. He appeared third on the list in 2004 and fourth equal in 2005.

Hon Dover Samuels was expelled from the House twice and had to withdraw and apologize for three statements and because of that he is sixth on the list this year.

Recently the deputy leader of National and seventh on the bad MP list is Hon Bill English for six statements requiring retraction, and being expelled from the House once. Dunne described him as a person to watch.

Rodney Hide, leader of the ACT party, didn't appear on the list this year even though he was first place last year. Also Honourable Chris Carter didn't appear on the list, despite placing second last year.

Read those all? Hmmmm... We should definitely have report system like this to keep a check on our politicians and at least it might help educated voters...

Thanks to Wikipedia for this story.

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