Monday, August 27, 2007

Oops!!!! End of a Long Marathon!!!

Yes I should say I got to celebrate the real Independence Day today. Today I'm very much relaxed and in highest level of confidence in recent times. Successfully released a BETA version of my project namely I have given all the energy that I have regained after the recent happenings in my life to this project. In this project, I have got an interesting role to play and got all out support from all my colleagues, without which this feat in such a time frame is impossible. Many thanks to Abdul, Loga, Mahesh, Senthil, Suresh, Rajeshwari and Rajavelu.

A very good experience for me to take stock of how well a team effort can do and how important & difficult it's to be honest to all. Interactions with this many number of colleagues for a project is first for me and I'm happy that everything went fine with new set of challenges at different milestones while developing the project. Now I need to look back to document how things went through and how some can be improved.

I have talked about my experience with project, but haven't told what this project is all about. is a aggressive new aggregating portal which categorizes the news neatly for rich user reading experience. is very popular among NRI community to know more about the latest happenings in India. So do check out my project here and give me your valuable feedbacks here.

If you're reading this blog bit late, by this time we might be out of BETA. So check this URL then, this is standard one which will have latest stable version.

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