Monday, August 27, 2007

Party at Hotel Ponnusamy

It's always fun partying. And it gets even better if the party comes at other's costs(He... He.. Sorry Vasanth, this is universal truth, nothing to hide). That is what exactly happened on Friday, 3rd August '07. One of my colleague Vasanth is getting married on coming 30th August and he throws us a memorable party in Hotel Ponnusamy, Besent Nagar, Chennai.

Of all the food items put there, I enjoyed taking one particular fish fry item which is more like french fries, I'm not getting the name right now, will update about it later.

So I take this opportunity to wish Vasanth a wonderful married life. Best Wishes Vasanth.

We stored this good moments in digital memory too in the form of pictures.

Here are few of those,

From L to R: Me(Karthikeyan R), Abdul, and Senthil


From L to R: Wilfred and Rajagopal

I'm travelling to Erode day after tomorrow(29th Aug) to attend his reception and to have some good moments there too(he.. he... definitely not just food).

The fish fry I was talking about is "Nethili Fish Fry" which is wonderful in taste so if you get chance do order it and have it FULL.

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