Thursday, September 06, 2007

An Odyssey To Erode From Chennai

After a long time I got a chance to travel leisurely and first time ever in my life attending a function alone, yes all this was happening on the occasion of my colleague and friend Vasanth 's marriage at Erode last week Wednesday. Actually marriage was on Thursday but due to work balancing among my team I got chance to attend the reception ceremony. It was one of the very few trips I made in my so far lifetime.

We went to Erode by train and purely because of laziness none of our batch members who are attending the reception tried to book train ticket for this journey even though we know it very early. So at last sort we made the most courageous decision of traveling by general compartment in the West Coast Express which runs between Chennai Central and Mangalore city. Among heavy rains, I somehow managed to reach the station pretty early to purchase the tickets in fear waiting in long lines. But to my surprise there was only very few believe me just 4 people were standing in the queue. wow... has the population control mechanism of Indian government worked overnight??? not sure about the actual cause but why caring much.. so went to the counter took ticket for four. So here comes the time to tell who all are coming with me. The Fantastic Four are Suresh, Sundar, Rajasekar and none other than Karthikeyan(yes I'm referring to me only. Ignore this named representation. If you are the avid reader of my blog then you might have noticed this kind of representation by name. All this is done to tell those so called intelligent web crawlers that if someone tries to find me over the vast internet, get them straight to my blog. Thats all my intentions. Nothing else, so don't think I'm fool. Every action I do have some sort of deep meanings...).

Okay now getting back to the actual business, the train was schedules to depart from the station at 11AM. Even though its general compartment somehow we managed to get the seats after all diplomatic made by Me and Suresh. Fortunately Suresh knows Hindi so that we could manage with those Hindi speaking people who were seen completely taking a compartment, donno where they are going in such huge numbers. Even though I stayed in North Indian region(Gurgaon actually), I donno much other than few words like kesa ho, kiya bath hey, kitna loge, sithe challo, IFFCO chowk etc....

All the way leading up to Erode was very picturesque(definitely it's picturesque only after crossing the Chennai border) thanks to Coimbatore and Otacamund(Ooty). I have travelled in these routes many times before when I working in Coimbatore but never traveled in day time. So I actually never known the route is so good.

Equally to match those wonderful journey definitely to satisfy some evil hearted people hearts there were lots of bad things also. First of all its general compartment so needless to say you never get to know why people are saying Bhopal Gas Tragedy is the worst even in India. Every 30 minutes you will be attacked by foul smell released by in numerable energy sources. Few sources according to our researches are the Indian Railways Toilet(patent pending), Socks, Other natural gases(not sure why Reliance is digging so deep in Godhavari river basin to find natural gas even though it can find it very easily in places like this)

Against all odds and goods, we reached the Erode railway station after two hour delay which is also a patent pending process from Indian Railways. Once we reached the station, Vasanth's brother was there to receive us and other contingents(yes after all Karate master Hussain's gang is equal to small military unit which also came to attend marriage all credits to Vasanth's karate link) of people. From station we went to hotel and after few refreshing there we went to to reception hall which was decorated nicely and have all qualities to say its good place to host the function.

There in the function hall, Vasanth hero of the day was receiving everyone's blessing. Though we don't have age to bless him(a good sentence to actually represent my age, though my friend is getting married i'm very young) we wished him all success in married life. All formalities were going on in full swing. We spend good amount of time with Vasanth and after doing a very important work i.e taking food which was very delicious and had it lightly keeping in mind that still another part of traveling(getting back to Chennai) is looming. We got our bus tickets booked one day before the even luckily and it was scheduled at 9PM. So we left the place shortly and boarded the bus. And rest of the story just went in dreams in that crappy bus which it self called as Semi Sleeper luxury but nothing was found as mentioned in their site.

Anyway we all had good time traveling together. Now moving further with pictures we clicked while traveling.

I picture, L to R: Suresh, Rajesekar and Karthikeyan

The same trio

Me and the guy who gave good company by talking bit about the agriculture and other co-passengers.

Here is the sample of how the route is actually...

This is pic we clicked after reaching the Erode Railway junction.
L to R: Suresh, Karthikeyan and Sundar

(the mobile guy, its hard to see him and mobile seperated)

In reception hall with formal attires(no laughing...)

A memorable group photo
L to R: Sundar, Sathya, Vasanth(hero of the day), Suresh and Karthikeyan

Yes I'm doing one of the most important work of the day.. tasting delicious south Indian items..

Donno the reason of his sweating...
Possibly he might have though of his Wife??? Who knows will confirm and update all...

The same gang

Mr. Bachelor
(Enrollment Nr: 4337834.....)

I certainly need to write a brief comment about this picture. It clearly shows how cautious Indian consumers would be when it comes to securing a item they own. A co-passenger who has highest level of disbelief over other co-passengers placed his slippers over the fan. From this who ever wants to open a Banking chain in India will get clear picture how much security they would expect for their money.

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