Monday, September 17, 2007

Shivering North India

Ooops.. never lived in such cool temperatures for such long time continuously... nearly some 4-5 months I was virtually under feeling that Gurgaon has moved near to Shimla.

It was so cold in North India that many time you would be engulfed with heavy fog. Thought its killing cold, I really enjoyed the drastically changing north india weather.. temperature usually hover around 3-4 degrees in night and morning usually would be 7-10 deg. Even in that coldness all through the winter I never took bath in hot water. enjoyed the cold weather with blood chilling cool water. and the other days i don't even take bath since there is no sweating and was fresh all through many days...

Here are few pictures I took while I was returning home from office. Place is Sector 10A market.

the below is the view from my home.... very chilling one...

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