Monday, September 17, 2007

Shimla Trip - Mobile Cam Pictures

I already have posted very detail about my Shimla trip here, the picture are from Arun's digi-cam. In addition to that I took some pictures with my mobile cam and took such long time to upload all into system and publishing it now.

Shimla has thing interesting concept of using the Lift to move to different streets. All thanks to terrain it is in. Because of varying attitude between different streets, Shimla uses lift to move between the lower lying street to upper one with a nominal charge. Its just like bus service but moving in different attitude.

View of Shimla's Ridge

View of Church which is just location right in center of "The Ridge"

View of Shimla's breathtaking mountain view from the room we stayed

Another view from the room

Another view from the room

Another view from the room

What else... If there is code there will be bug likewise if there is mountain there will be monkeys..

Another superb view of Shimla

I took this picture of Army Cantonment building right next to the Mall Street in Shimla

Another view of Shimla moutain

It seems even mountain shadows would also be very big like them.... this is in contrast with the shadows of flights flying over us...

Steps of Jaku temple in Shimla

Hanumar Mandir inside the Jaku Temple

Mostly wood made municipality corporation office in Mall Street at Shimla

Status of Mahatma Gandhi in The Ridge at Shimla

Morning picture of Mahatma Gandhi statue. The time we went was October 2nd so many school students were preparing for their cultural programes planned for the day infront of this statue.

Statue of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in The Ridge at Shimla

Daytime picture of statue of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in The Ridge at Shimla

Backside of Jaku temple where people there said here only the shooting of the director Mani Ratnam's most popular multi lingual film "Roja" was filmed.

Steps to reach the Jaku temple

Another view of Jaku Temple

Small park at The Ridge

Statue of Founder of Himachel Pradesh Mr. Y S Parmer

A small makeshift temple at the top of Kufri point in Shimla. From here you can see the China border and the place where Shimla agreement was signed between India and Pakistan.

A small pond in the Kufri point

A restaurant in Shimla. It was made in 50's style and had very amicable environment. But sambar tastes very bad there. They have to get some good south indian cook.

A military base in Chandigarh.

Shimla at Night

A Kali temple in the Mall Street at Shimla

Another view of Kali temple

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