Monday, September 17, 2007

Few Days @ Electrobug Technologies

While my employer FastB00king was creating the good ergonomically designed office, we were working out from premises of Electrobug Technologies which is in Sector 31 HUDA market in Gurgaon for sometime. Really had memorable time with Mani and EB HR Shikha. Me and Mani used to goto Ohm Sweets(which is a notable restaurant chain in Gurgaon not sure whether it has any pan North India presence) in evenings and have to tell about the rasagulla and chenna. Both are very good items which tastes superb if we take with other combinations like Somaza and Sola Puri.

Below is the picture of Electrobug workstations and the view is from my workstation.

In Gurgaon I was staying at Sector 10A which has really superb neighborhood but the problem is that to reach out my office I have cross through the crowded industrial area where huge number of people believe me or not.. nearly 10k people would cross me everyday while I walk through the connecting road to reach NH8. All thanks to Honda factory and other innumerable workshops build around that.

On the way to my office there is a Beer factory and crossing that area is another toughest one caz of its utter bad foul smell. Here is the view of that Beer factory from EB office terrace.

Following are the view of Sector 31 from EB office terrace,


  1. Found it good. At least we now have a way to remember those days.

  2. yeah grrrt man !!!
    gud to find you here.. and all those nice memories.. !