Monday, September 17, 2007

Chennai Airport Arrival Terminal

When I got offer from a Gurgoan based company, for first time I got chance of traveling by an airline. This all has happened on 1st July 2006. I booked ticket in morning 9'o clock Spice Jet flight to Delhi via Hyderabhad. I reached Chennai on 30th June 2006 with my Dad and stayed in my aunt home at Tambaram. As usual my dad sticking with his habit of rushing everything made be ready for the 9AM flight at 5AM and was kept waiting there in my aunt home like a decorated doll since that was the first time for me going on flight so assumed that all people who flies are ultra rich so in an attempt to match those people I was wearing a suite which other than me no one would have bought it. Hmmm all those were funny and nervous times of going through the baggage screening, checking in, and waiting there for more than the my flight pilot since I was as early as 7AM for the 9AM flight all thanks to my dad.

I clicked very few pictures there in Kamaraj Domestic Terminal in fear getting caught by security personnel. I took this picture at Kamaraj Airport arrival terminal while my dad explaining to me how to adjust for flight and where to wait to get the baggages back from the revolving baggage belt carriers.

All the time while he was explaining he never stopped referring to his flight journey to Saudi Arabia back in 70's as an example. He keeps insisting that I'm not the first one to fly in my family but I don't think flights he flown are as good as current one's so I was dis agreeing with him all time.

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