Monday, September 17, 2007

My Puppy

I'm taking pride in introducing you all my beloved "Puppy" to all for first time ever. This is first time he allowed me to publish his real photos after waiting long for approval which is more or less like the clemency plea application of Parliament attack mastermind "Afzal Guru" with President.

He loves being neat and tidy like me but never brushed teeth thanks to pre-installed anti virus capability that I'm longing for. I never liked brushing teeth but for the sake of people I work with I'm forced to brush daily and thanks to weekend breaks, no need to have any formalities as people whom I meet are not official so no brushing.. hee... hee....

If I'm in home my "Puppy" never leave me even though I don't take care of feeding it properly that doesn't necessarily mean I don't give him any food what I meant is I'm bit lazy of preparing its food so I generally leave the feeding task to my mom. Even then I'm his most favorite of all in my home. Is it something because of same qualities we both share?? I meant honest, vigilant and caring personality...

1 comment:

  1. Provide enough food to your Puppy.
    It thinks like "My Boss did not provide enough food for me . Enna Kodumai Sir ! "