Friday, November 16, 2007

My Sify Lunch Grabbers

Its indeed a wonder that I'm constantly trying to identify even after sharing so much with them how come my fat is getting added day by day and left me in steps of again becoming the big fat Karthikeyan of 1998-2005???

Wondering what I'm talking about? I'm just referring to my Sify lunch mates who leaves nothing much than the stainless steel plates for me while taking lunch together at ELNET canteen.

Here I'm presenting a group of Dracula's(occasionally I call them as Friends too) which everyone should be aware of....

L to R: Karthikeyan(Me), Hariharan, Abdul Hakkim, Rajagopal, and Sundara Chandran
Photo Courtesy: Rajasekar

A humble human among group of beast masters... The second Dracula from right Abdul is the master of all which knows all sorts of tricks to grab my lunch...

The second one from left is the owner of the mobile with which this unbelievably first time ever Dracula's are pictured and moreover a brave man chatting with them...

This shows my naive attitude of whatever evil others does I always grab them with showing 32 bits sorry 32 teeth's... it seems I have got too much of IT....

After successful negotiation I emerged free from the monsters... who knows it may haunt me again tomorrow at 1PM exactly the lunch time here....

Addendum[Update on 2007-11-30]:

Here I'm giving an proof for why I'm calling the particular Dracula as mother of all... I request heart patients, children under age 15 not to view the below picture without having a healthy adult nearby.. I will not take any responsibility whatsoever the loss it may be arising out of this...

Here comes the mother of all Dracula in action at ELNET canteen...


PS: Whatever I have said is just for fun and the human beings[except me, after all I'm GOD you know...] appearing in this article are not necessarily be Dracula's.

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