Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Own Company! Dr. Dagogo Douglas Says

Many would be breaking their heads to climb up the ladder of success in their life by doing different things and one among them is dream of starting own company. Dr. Dagogo Douglas has made the job easy for me. How? Read this mail he wrote form an unknown location,

Attention: Beneficiary,


I am directed by the Minister of Finance Mrs Nenadi Usman to make this urgent enquiry regarding your payment.

This is sequel to a letter and other documents received from an Indian Company claiming to be a subsidiary of your Company and applying for your contract sum to be paid into a new Bank Account.

This enquiry became necessary because two gentlemen, one Indian and a Nigerian visited the Bank and filed application to change the original account to HongKong & Shangai Banking Corporation.They succeeded in effecting the change by conniving with some officials who they offered large sum of money and also paid the statutory charges. Unknown to the CBN Governor, the transfer was endorsed by him and minuted to the Director of International Remittance to effect the transfer of the money.

Fortunately, that department spotted certain irregularities in the payment instruction and forwarded the file to us for vetting. We have discovered in the course of our investigation that the application for the change of account was not accompained with a formal letter of authority from your Company nor a power of attorney to that effect as it is officially required. This necessitated our suspending further action in the payment pending your confirmation.

We have also discovered that attempts were made by these men with extra-ordinary flay? to bribe officials of the department to ignore or overlook the inaccurate documentation and effect quick transfer of the money.

We invited the two gentlemen for a discussion and they alleged that they were your representative. But when asked to produce a letter of? authority signed by you, they promised? to produce it, they left and have not returned since then. We are however expecting them but we decided to contact you directly for confirmation.?

If infact they are your representatives kindly confirm same via email and send the required letter of authority. We shall be in a position to ascertain the payment and cause the remittance to be effected immediately upon the receipt of this confirmation.

NOTE: Your confirmation should reach this office within 7 banking days from the receipt of this message otherwise, it will be presumed that the change has received your consent. Contact us through our private email address:

Yours sincerely

Dr.Dagogo Douglas,

Thank you Dr.Dagogo Douglas for putting me at this esteemed position. May god bless you and your accomplices(?!?)

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