Monday, June 29, 2009

Rameshwaram Trip - Year '09

Its a second visit to Rameshwaram in two years. Though I'm kind of person who argues existence of God and myths crafted over the so called powers wielded by God, I joined my family to visit this one of the holiest peace of land in Hinduism - for the sake of having a good family moment - rather than the blessing of God - here in our case 'Lord' Siva.

Got to visit Rameshwaram. Though I dont believe in God, I have love for the temple architecture and one reason definitely my Dad who used to do lots of this temple construction design stuff at home for many many years.. some 15years of memory..

my dad worked as Engineer with TN govt's HR&CE dept for almost 2 decade and I had so many of visits to all major temples in South Tamilnadu...

And Rameshwaram was one of his duty point among others.. been there to temple with Dad and visiting the place again without Dad has so much world of difference... pay here and there.. stand in queue... wait for this and that.. hmmm... gone are the days....

An early morning Rameshwaram sea view.. Its coastal Bay of Bengal ocean.

A little brighter morning with fishermen yet to venture into sea

In western countries its common to see white Doves making rounds around people. In India - a land of billions - are no short of birds. You can see this Crows sharing the same happy moments of Dove. Whats in color. Be Happy.

Myself, Karthikeyan in all new different attire. South Indian esp Tamilnadu.

A view from the Indira Gandhi bridge popularly known as Paman Palam.

From Paman Palam

Here its, the Paman Palam itself. A two lane flyover constructed over sea connecting Rameshwaram to mainland India.


These are two boats traveling in opposite direction. Guess which one goes what direction. Look at the water for clues.

The place we stayed in Rameshwaram. A sea faced cottage just a 2 mins walk from temple.
A beautiful place to sit in morning and evening for taking in the serene sea atmosphere.

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