Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Actor Kamalhasan's New Film Shooting @ my Office

Journo's finds its tough to click a pic of high profile actors at their film shooting with new look. But for us who are working in TIDEL software park has become common scene passing by the shootings. But this one is definitely not a one to just pass by. Its Kamalhasan who came to shoot for his up coming flick. I'm not aware of any film details as Im not a big fan of Tamil films but still has some love left for actors like Kamal.

Here is the pic of Kamal in his new look for his new film right infront of my office. With heavy private security guards taking pic is risky. But one of my friend got away with neat pic of Kamal.

Check it out... Kamal can be found in between the second iron bar column. Man with black beard and white shirt under the umbrella.

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