Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Breakfast with Stranger

Few days back when I was having breakfast at my ELNET Software City office cafeteria, I was surprised by a stranger sitting across the table I chose to sit.

That stranger didn't ordered for any food

That stranger didn't had any cash

That stranger didn't entered through proper gate. It actually gatecrashed into cafeteria.

That stranger didn't dressed nicely

That stranger didn't showed any courtesy

That stranger didn't cared to speak the language I know

That stranger didn't allowed me eat. whenever I go for a piece of meal, that stranger interrupts me from having it

Totally an unfriendly guest....

Out of anger and anguish I decided to expose this stranger so that anybody spots this guy, can be beware of characteristics and keep away...

Oops.... how stubbornly it shares your table even if you dislike it
(backdrop is the entrance area of TIDEL park)

no remorse for any indecent things... just stays on...

height of irresponsibility.... stares straight at me...

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