Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Importance of Farewell - A Learning from Abdul & Deepa

Answer this questions for me before you move into reading further,

What's the only thing that government servant employed in any division any country gets only once in lifetime?

You think promotion? probably you know little about India(and nations of same league) I guess. throw money and you get the designation you want. So its incorrect.

award? you learn it now. padma awards - highest civilian awards from Indian government may be bought if you have clout and money. so forget this is one time. You can buy as much award as you want. incorrect.

losing job? you are close to answer but are you kidding? when was the last time a government employee in any part of world has lost job due to recession/money crunch??? there is this tax payer herd always moves the direction government points and in turn keeps it well paid through taxes. which lets government to overcome anything... virtually anything. so this too is incorrect.

fine... give up... I will tell you...

Its the glittering eventful emotional 'FAREWELL' event that any employee in government sector gets only once which is in striking contrast to private sector and especially IT sector employees. This (IT) people have their way zigzagging different companies, roles, responsibilities to get what they (or I) wanted or at-least for sake of being occupied - they ( or I) do something.

Recent farewell we hosted for our nice colleagues - friends pushed me have this post. (after all its year end and I need to get blog post count too before year end)

our first farewell-er Abdul Hakkim'ji... fondly called as Abdul(not funny huh?)

Abdul'ji seems to enjoy thoroughly... no traces of feelings in this man...
what could be his most happiest thing?

we had clicked so many shots but to top it all... here is the group flick...
from L to R
Standees: Yamini, Deepa, Kousalya, Jannani, Pavithra, Vidya, Kannan, Jayesh, Pachai, Tamil and Raghav
Seaters: Myself, Abdul'ji and Kuppu

in hopes that this all goes into indelible history..
something like what billgates/steve ballmer did for Microsoft
something like Narayan Moorthy/Nandan Nilakeni did for Infosys
future will refer this images... as great brains together...

Okay cut short here... We are moving for another record bearer,

Okay here comes Deepa... fondly called as same Deepa(no fun.. huh... yes)
You may have seen her in the last farewell event pics that was taken sometime back... Was there any clue that she would also put her paper this sooner so that I had to write a farewell blog post back to back?

Never right? But she did. A perfect example of Minesweeper game.

You never know which square hosts mine.
You never know which programmer puts papper when.

A (big)part of distinguished guests....
L to R: Kousalya, Pavithra, Yamini and Janani

Remaining part of eminent personalities who attended the event...

Okay I can here your concerns....
What is a dictionary without the word 'success'?
What is Microsoft without Windows?
What is database without records?
What is Agra without Tajmahal?
What is keyboard without key?

You are looking for that key member right?

Here its what you are looking for... Myself - Karthikeyan Ramchel and Vidya
You can see the effect here right... a strongly abled person can't sit straight next to be...
call it power emanating from me
call it the striking killer smile
call it whatever you want

but look Vidya she cant sit straight next to me...

Here comes the final showdown flick.... Good to see you all here friends...

Couldn't post all the pictures... So I just collated all and got this....



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