Friday, March 05, 2010

World's Best Security

How many are gifted like me??? How many can feel safe about their properties when they are away from home for work like me??? How many can setup fool-proof security at cost less than $1 per day like me? I guess no one in the world has this kind of thing and for sure they never get.

Look at this security apparatus or security guard or laser protection or hawk-eye system or what ever you name it... This is what we have at our home...

The all time great Puppy!!!
Cute isn't??? But beware it gets very very dreaded if your intents are wrong.

A single bark will get anything anything to its feet.
Right now its rehearsing in mild noise.
Its society aware you know.

For Kids its Puppy. For Enemies its Deadly

It scans even objects on and below the surface like this.
Believe me it has the strongest possible Nose!!!
Forget SONAR or RADAR. Just simple NOSE.

1 comment:

  1. Will it allow you after sniffering?

    Does this have such powerful nose to tolerate your smell? lol