Thursday, August 05, 2010

Krishnapuram Anjaneyar temple, Kadayanallur

Back to blogging after a brief lull... almost 4/5 months I guess.. I do get time, but not comfortable enough to do blogging. Any case right now life is in big swing state.... big ups/downs... have to catch up lots of things... and definitely the experiences with my first ever abroad trip to United States starting from Chennai Consulate office. Before getting into those English matter stuff, would like to cover up few things that happened since last January.

This is a visit to Anjenayar temple near to Krishnapuram last January 1st. Its a small locality next to Kadayanallur. Wouldn't have agreed to visit the place without going in personal vehicle, either a car or two-wheeler, since the place is very remote and if one has to travel by public transport, need to do long planning and major part of day spend on travel rather than feel the visit.

Here you go, the temple build right in the center of rice crop field.

A great place to spend indeed.. Fantastic fresh breeze and green field around... Not sure how this place would be when crops are cut down...

Now the next view you get once you cross the field is this view across the pond...

There should be some price paid for reading this blog, here you go, its me and the little chap is my little nephew of my cousin bro...

What's is Indian temple without crowd? No crowd means something wrong in marketing(otherwise called as benefits one get from God) or locality(not connected by good transport). And here starts the down pour of crowd... Its down pour if you see the full picture later...

Here you go, the crowd in full scope... Great!!!

Hmmm... So much of belief...

And the deity of Krishnapuram Anjaneyar temple.

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