Saturday, February 03, 2007

Part 2: Trip To Shimla

After a wonderful brief stay at Chandigarh, We got bus to Shimla at 9AM. Actually we planned to goto Shimla by the Toy Train. But unfortunately we didn't get ticket and it's running with jam packed crowd. We should have booked it very early, early means some 3 months advance because all the year there large amount of tourists are moving in and out of Shimla. So we need to have paucca plan to have hassle free travel. Okay but even the bus ride in the mountain ride was very interesting. We got into the bus which has a Singh as driver. He was really great driver. He seemed not et al bothered about whether take driving through the congested Kalka roads or lots of hair pin bend mountain roads. He just drive like a King riding Horse. Enjoyed his style of driving and not necessarily to say the beautiful scenes all along the road to Shimla.

It took nearly 3 hours to reach Shimla. Once we got down at Shimla, at least some 10 to 15 people came towards us, initially I thought they were auto walla or tourist agent. But later on only I found out that, they will just give directions to people for some amount. Good type of business. After getting information about the Himachel Pradesh tourist office and lodging places, we paid 20rs for his service. Then we started our novel journey to get the glimse of Queen of Himlayas. We got the first hand experience of mountain terrain. Had to walk through steep roads to goto different places. Then finally we reached our lodge which is just behind the popular place The Ridge. Here you can see statues of famous leaders of India lined up both the side of road.

Here are the pictures,

Me at Most Famous Scandal Point

I cant see any other than flowers... Can you see me there?

Shimla Greeneries

Me Standing In front of Shimla Plaque

Me and Greeneries

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  1. hi Karthik it seems u enjoyed
    shimla tour very much,
    but u crap, when u went to shimla ,
    without informing me