Saturday, February 03, 2007

Part 3: Trip To Shimla

After a brief visit to The Ridge and The Malls road shopping, the first day in Shimla went off fine with heavy dinner at a Punjabi Restaurant in The Mall road.

Next and final day in Shimla was completely scheduled by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism's tour package. We got into their bus in morning 9.45Am. They took us first to Fagu Point, which is one of the highest peak. We spend some time there and from there we went to check out Golf Course Club. We roamed around there for a hour. All the places are covered by thick greenery. Really refreshing to see. Then from there we went to Kufri Point. Actually all the vehicles have to stop some 7 KM's before the point. There is not way vehicles can reach to that steep point. One has to reach either by walk or by riding in Horse. Me and my friend decided to go by walk just to get the feeling of Trekking and as a physical exercise. It took us One hour to reach the Point. It was not a green point actually, but filled with different activities. From Kufri Point you can see the Great China Border, Patiala Palace where the famous Shimla Agreement was signed between India and Pakistan. Also in that Point you can see a small temple called "Himalayan Temple". It was good experience. By this time evening came and we are forced to get back into Bus and returned to our starting point. As a final visit, Me and my Friend decided to visit "Jakoo Temple" which is located at very steep place. Really I should say, I climbed the "road" to reach that place. I wondered how vehicles are moving in that steep roads.

Jakoo Temple is the place where some parts of famous movie "Roja" was filmed. Oops beware of monkeys if you visit there. There is no need for any bandits to rob you, monkeys will do that instead.

Here are the pictures,

Me and Friend Arun

Me in The Ridge and the background is The Ridge Church

Shimla Greens

Statue of Shimla's Founder

Shimla Greenery

Shimla Municipal Corporation

The Ridge

Another View of The Ridge

Another View of The Ridge

Shimla Toy Train

Flower at its Best

Shimla Toy Train AnotherView

Plaque of Shimla's Jakhoo Temple

Hanuman Mandir at Jahkoo Temple

Making a Wish

Me at backyards of the Jakhoo Temple

Entrance to Jakhoo Temple

Beer in its Den

Shimla Greenery

White Fox

Snow Tiger

Me over an Ox in Kufri Point

The same but with some effect to symbolize the arrival of "Yema Tharamraj"

Me at Kufri Point

Taking Rest at Fagu Point

Other Greeneries,

Shimla DGP Office

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