Sunday, July 29, 2007

Will Celebrities Looks As Portrayed?

Today I happen to see a shooting of film starring Shambu as hero and his counterpart in this film is SS music compere turned actress, I don't remember the name but she conducts the PCO show in SS Music channel. The shooting was happening all around TIDEL park. While I was waiting in Madya Kailash in morning to come to office today, there itself I saw a film crew shooting some events in the moving bus, that goes around that area. At that time I didn't actually know its film shooting. I thought it was some serial shooting, because the way the shooting was happening. Generally whenever there is shooting, there will always be a ever growing crowd gathers around that place. But today morning there was nothing like that.

But after coming to my office at TIDEL, I realized I was wrong. The so called crowd which I was talking about was here all around. To enter into my office, I have to cut across the crowd. So by the way I saw a short guy with just ordinary look but was getting the attractions of eye balls just because of his weird dressing and makeup was none other than one of Kollywood's young actor.... Mr Shimbu. To be frank his looks are not even upto 10% match compared to the way he was showcased in different media's. Is this true with all??? Mostly I can say yes... Take example Rajini Kanth.. everybody knows how he looks in Movies and real life...

To confirm my point, I have another example too.... I recently got chance to see former Indian Cricketer Krishnamachari Shrikanth in my office. He was here for writing a column in one of the Sify portal Sify Khel exclusively made for Sports enthusiasts. I was bit confused when he crossed me. At first instance I couldn't recognize him. Believe me, he was very very very fair and tall in contrast to his media appearances. After confirming with another person who was with me at that time then only I realized its our former captain Shrikanth. Wow...

So have you got the point of what I'm trying to say???

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