Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bharat Ratna & Nobel Peace Prize 4 My Grandma

For the just concluded harvesting festival Pongal, I went to my home town Kovilpatti on a week long holidays. Having good amount of time in hand, I decided to visit my Grandma for Pongal, who is living in Virudhunagar, which is some 50KMs away.

Who wouldn't be happy if some one like me visits them??? Hee.. Hee... It might sound like too much self-appraising, but in fact for my Grandma I'm one among the few specials. So after few minutes of usual-mutual blah-blah of well wishing s, she got into action to cook something delicious for me. Its quite interesting to see how she could able to stock up so much cooking raw materials even after its difficult for her to move out and buy something of her own?? Hmmm it must be because of the good culture of the generous village people who helps each other all through their life time, a trademark feature of traditional village wallas.

Now getting back to my Grandma's cooking, as a starter she cooked "Bonda", a kind of fried hot cake made of a kind of flour -maida- I suppose. While I was taking up that one, she has started griding up the dal(pea) items to make flour for cooking Vadai, a fried spicy hot cake and Susyam, a fried sweet cake. Though the items she going to make is not the most sought after dish in star hotels but the way she used to make them stand out of all, even the star hotels.

Only people of her times and few from the present time can able to follow suit to make the flour manually without the use of auto-griding machines like Kitchen Grinder. She used a heavy grinder made of rock to break the pea to make flour. Nowadays women never dare to do that and if they can do it for one day influenced by thought saving pride, they wouldn't be able to do it more...

here are the few pictures of my 75+ year old young Laila Ali AKA Lakshmi Ammal in action...

There are immense number of advantages in this way of Griding....

First -> Obviously it helps keeping our health in right track by keeping many illness at bay, thus saving huge amount of Government money which are allocated for the old age health care. So if everyone follows this practice, the money saved can be spend better for other development activities, that will advance the human race to next step.

Second -> Because the griding been done manually, my Grandma has just shown a great way of energy saving methodologies. Huge amount of electricity can be saved by avoiding the Auto-Grinders, lights in the Kitchen. So again Government can save lots of money by reducing the investment in the power sector and it can be invested in other most needed projects to advance the human race into next step. Remember this has big impact over our eco-system and Mr. Al Gore, former VP of USA is talking about the same in all stages around the world. Keep this in mind, this will be useful at later point of this article.

Third -> By doing the Griding in outer space and choosing the place which are easily accessible by the various not-so-harmful organism like Ant, my Grandma has let amble amount of food to them knowingly/unknowingly spill out of the Grinder. So if an Ant eats/takes it, it strengthens the Ant colony in the surrounding area. If an Ant colony grows, it has many advantages for its surrounding eco-system.

Fourth -> The just strengthen Ants clears out the otherwise non-perishable/too-much-time-taken perishable items like dead rats, dead snakes, dead lizards etc.. out of the streets and make them clean thus avoiding potential diseases like Plague from originating/spreading. The saves government from lot of pressure and gives its valuable time to look in to productive areas so as to advance the human race to next step.

Fifth -> The just strengthen Ants helps the trees, forest areas to grow manyfold by keeping potential insects at bay. By this lots of trees will grow and make a world more greener and helps reducing the impact of Greenhouse gases. This saves Government from lots of money and yes it then can be used for advancement of human race to next step. Remember Dr Rajendra Pachori, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is trying to promote the same idea around the globe on stages. And again keep this in mind, this will be useful at later point of this article.

So by showing this many ways to save Planet, advancing human race, saving huge amount of Government money, instead just talking about the climate change - she does that in day to day to life - what is stopping United Nations from giving away the Nobel Peace Prize for my Grandma??? This is my humble request making on behalf of my Grandma.

And still there is one more question left with out answering?? Yes its about Bharat Ratna.... Taking cue from the recent spat of recommendations for the Bharat Ratna for the politicians patrons... Why this shouldn't be given to my super Grandma Venkata Ramanajum ammal, elder sister of Grandma who was just recommended for Nobel Peace Prize, also my Mom's Mom, who was the leader in all the techniques my Grandma following posthumously???

These were the humble questions I have got while eating out the deliciously cooked Vadai, Susyam and Bonda. Anyone out there like to share it and my thoughts????


  1. Hi Karthi,
    It is very intesting to hear your experience.

    I think your granny is one of the best granny in cook.

    Have a Great Vada and bonda, susyam..

    Also if possible learn all from her.

    In future it will be helpful to teach the same to Mrs.Karthikeyan.

  2. Hi Karthi,

    Kalakkura po, blogla.

    Its very interesting since all are in active voice..

    Good to read. Because of simple english and no alatal, no bandha in english..

    Great yaar..

    Me too have a plan to update like in technically.. pappom if time permits..

    (oru doubt... itha ellam nee ofice hourla update pannuvia allathu veetukku poi laptop moolama update pannuvia)

  3. Hi karthik,
    Good to see your blogs like cheran's autograph film. I wish you continue your blogs.

    All the best.