Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Nadar School (NHSS) Friends Gettogether

I was bit surprised and amused to see when one my school mate Nataraj came to my house a month back and even more surprise was in box which came out when he dragged out his marriage invitation card. For a moment I was taken aback and thinking have I grown that much old so that my friends have started getting married? Its really very pathetic to be in this situation. After some fraction of seconds thinking I decided to completely revamp my friends circle so as to have more vibrant and young people of my age. For this I'm studying recent M&A's(Merger & Acquisitions) examples like TATA-Corus, Arcelor-Mittal etc... to get more friends. Lets wait some time and see whether greenfield friends are more profitable or acquisitions are better one....

Keeping this aside, I whole(really????) heartedly accepted the invitation and developed high expectation of meeting all my Nadar school friends. The time has came and last week went to Cuddalore near Pondichery to attend Nataraj's marriage. Though the number of friends who have came to attend was not huge, there was quite handful of people. I reached the hotel around 1AM after the as usual painful bus journey with my friends Karthik and Ganesh who accompanied me from Chennai. I'm seeing Karthik after some 8 years and was at top of the hill to see him. We had full lot of discussions about the school days. In my school he and me come next to one in register, so in all seating arrangements for the exams right from year 1995 to 2000 ie from class VII to Higher Secondary(+2) we used to sit next to one. We had traded thousands of marks each other in those exams and successfully managed to win in toughest papers easily. More interesting fact is that, that was time when land line phones has started its inroad in India and everybody started applying for that and for that a long service queue has been implemented to get the connection. Incidentally and interestingly in both of homes has requested for the telephone line at the same time and we were in same slot of allotment. So we used to keep track of when the phone will be delivered through new paper announcements and share the news among us. And one fine day after getting the connection, I remember we called each other number of times until we finally rested the new-o-phobia over the new telephone connection.

Likewise there were thousands of thousand happenings with all of our friends who were assembled there to attend Nataraj marriage. Though we reached the place at 1AM, a group of 15 friends whom I'm meeting nearly 8 years keep on discussing many things ranging from the playground to teachers to tuitions to etc... etc...

This is the group with whom I used to goto N'(nearly 3) number of tuitions both in evening and morning when we were in our life's most important phase, yes its during my higher secondary school(+2)... And one of the guy here in the below picture called Christo's dad was our tuition master for Chemistry subject and will never forgot or pardon(hee.... he... it doesn't matter to him anway) him for that complain he made against me for not attending his tuitions regularly...

Here are the few pictures that I will cherish forever,

NHSS Friends From L to R:
Palani Kumar, Venkateshwaran, Karthik, Subburaj and Ganeshmoorthy

At Marriage Hall From L to R:
Swami Prasad, Ramakrishnan, Christo Sebastien and Palani Kumar

Marriage stage is being readied by priest..

A good amount of flowers adding really a pleasant look...

My friend Nataraj(in dark brown shirt) performing some kind of customs....
Its minutes before from actual marriage....

A South Indian traditional musical troop...
they perform with Nadashwaram(a long hollow slim pipe) and Kottu(a short closed ended drum... read again its closed ended drum not closed ended equity plan)

Seconds away from the climax scene of tie-up

A final touch....

All are over for Nataraj.. Now his fate is sealed.


  1. So finally you attended your school friend' marraige, as you told me while we met in ur home.

    Great to see that photos.. and I checked that I remembered almost all members faces.. (eventhough they studied in english medium, i did not spoke with them... eventhough I completed my school in 8 years back.. ;-) ... joy tears from my eyes.. after seeing all yours in photo..

  2. if u r 2000 passed out means.,u 'd have known my bro suresh kumar...comp science (tamil medium)...den i know palani kumar na...he s nw dentist rite...?n christo s michael sir son...???i remember em..

  3. hi there. sorry I dont know much ppl in Tamil medium except few like the above commented friend Ramesh. He is from Tamil medium. I know a Palani Kumar of MathsBio(English), he too got pictured in this post, but he is not a dentist but a banking professional. I know Christo very much. My next home neighbor for some years and later my classmate.

    by the way you are?