Friday, January 04, 2008

My ICICI Complaint

After frustrated waiting period to get my credit card from the ICICI Bank, today I decided to write them a online petition stating my problem... Below is the unedited version of letter I sent to ICICI... Hope this is not offending anyone and just purely in the anxiety...

Hi, I have applied for the Credit Card through a promotion campaign held at my company premises. When applying card, by seeing the process, I thought ICICI has made the process much simpler by understanding the demanding nature of working people. But later only I understood that story wouldn't be same till the end. Even though my card application has been approved and I received the online access/PIN details, I haven't got my main item - the Credit Card. It has been nearly a month since I received my first call from a Tele-Executive about the card approval. After that there is no information from anyone and even if I try to reach through phone banking, I end up mostly with heartless IVR system which asks me repeatedly the same option over and again. Suggest me what I need to do now? Where is my card hanging now? What I need to do clinch that? Is that as tough as Indian team winning Cricket World Cup???? Please help me out in this... I hope machine's are not assigned to read this and again on the phone ask me 'Sir, What's your problem actually????'


  1. mate forget abt icici,
    try ur luk with any other gov bank
    as they much efficient.
    best of luck.........


  2. Hi, Just a kind advise, dont ever get into credit card esp in India. You will end up paying late fee/maintenance fee etc etc. You should be better of with Debit card. FYI Indian banks alone last year collected 6000 cr on penalties alone.