Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Helping Differently Abled People

I recently posted an article(link to article) about an incident that has ignited me to think something about serving the needy people. Though time is not yet ripe for me to help with money, and till sometime back, in public, I try my best to avoid difficult situation where people come up and ask help with me even when I stand one among crowd. But that set of mentality has changed forever. Now I'm open for all like open to world configuration in Linux.

Today morning while I was on the way to office, an elderly man who is differently-abled so that he can only use his hand to run his tricycle and his legs are short of reaching the pedels of tricyle. He was trying to move his tricyle on a elevated part of the same road through which I used to reach Chepauk station, but he couldn't get a easy ride in the elevated road. I didn't see any of this untill a voice which stops me and asked me to help in some way, and eventually that was from the same man who was strugling to move his tricyle. Thats enough for me who is very reluctant to help without request at first sight. I pushed his tricycle and told him that I won't be able to come upto full length of road as I need to take a turn well before the end of the road. He said that's okay, push till the point. Again a same thought that I got in mind when the last incident like this happened sometime back, why he asked me of help among all others?

Hmmmm... perhaps I think its for a good change in my thought and life. Till this point in my life I used to wait for a request for help even though I know they need it, but I'm sure from today onwards I do my best to go forward to voluntarily help the needed one with my time and strength if not with money now.

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  1. I liked and salute your feelings and attitude. If we all start thinking in this way, soon our country will get back its status for which it was once popular. Today, in this fast paced life, we often forget the meaning of word 'HELP'. Hope every one starts realizing it's meening.