Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great Indian Shame

The recent conversation between the our honorable former External Affairs/later Finance Minister/Senior BJP leader - Yaashwan Sinhaa, his excellency former Bihar Chief Minister/current Railway Minister - Laalu Prasaad Yaadav and his majesty former Reserve Bank of India Chief/former Finance Minister/current Prime Minister - Maanmoohan Siingh has forced all Indians to shame for their political system and their so called great leaders.

In the upper house of Indian parliement - Rajyaa Sabhaa, the above said great leaders has talked about their own shames they have been put through while they were abroad on a official visit representing our great nation India.

All of them has been telling their stories of how they have over-powered each other when they were growing up in the political/executive ladder. One leader(JS) reminded the Prime Minister of his service under him and for that another leader(LPY) has talked about the ethics of the first leader(JS) when he was serving as executive. Later on the first leader(JS) talked about how the Railway Minister came up to him to get some favors from him when he was as executive. And top of all that is the reply that comes from the Prime Minister over his former counter part of how he was treated badly in a foreign country while on a official trip representing India. What a pity for us.... Great leaders of modern day India are throwing mud at each others but has not made even a single protest when our representative representing India was insulted abroad. But they are now talking about all just because he was insulted. Hmmm... Some divine intervention only can help India to get rid of this kind of cheap personalities...

Read the actual story that has been published in Hindu sometime back,

War of words between Manmohan, Sinha

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday dismissed as “false” charges being levelled by the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that his government was acting under American pressure in not signing agreements with Russia on the Koodankulam reactors in Tamil Nadu.

In a brief intervention in the Rajya Sabha during a short duration discussion on the India-United States civilian nuclear agreement, the Prime Minister firmly rejected all charges levelled by senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha, labelling them as “falsehood” being propagated by the main Opposition party.

The war of words in the Rajya Sabha between Dr. Singh and Mr. Sinha began when the BJP leader alleged that there was pressure on the Prime Minister not to join the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement meeting. Denying that there was any pressure on him to join or not to join the Shanghai meeting, Dr. Singh asserted: “All that I was interested in was to see that if the Indian Prime Minister goes to such meetings, he should not sit on the side table in the coffee lounge and not be involved in an active manner.

Mr. Sinha did not stop here and made a reference to Dr. Singh’s tenure as Economic Adviser to the then Prime Minister under whom he [Mr. Sinha] had served as the Finance Minister.

It was the turn of Railway Minister Lalu Prasad to interject and say that Mr. Sinha had served as personal assistant to the former Bihar Chief Minister, Karpoori Thakur. “Yes, I was principal secretary to Karpoori Thakur when Laluji used to come to my room with recommendations,” Mr. Sinha retorted.

The Prime Minister reminded Mr. Sinha that as the Finance Minister, when he [Mr. Sinha] had gone to Japan he was not allowed to meet his counterpart in that country. “He thinks all people are like him,” Dr. Singh countered, prompting ruling party benches to applaud.

Does it need to be called as war of words or words of shame???

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