Thursday, October 25, 2007

Australian Media Mockery About Team India

If not everybody at least the die hard cricket fans would have heard about the mid-air flight snag when Team India was moving to play Mumbai match after losing the series to Australia. This news is widely covered by all Indian news media since in the same flight both Indian and Australian players were flying and lots depends on them. But not all cricket fans might be knowing how the Australian media has covered this whole incident(otherwise could have become accident).... they were too critical of Indian Team and Indian Media following the hype around the alleged racism rows involving Aussie player Symonds...

They have tons of sarcastic comments about Indian Team and Media...

Go on and read this news story,

The Australian cricket team's headline-making tour of India took a dramatic turn on Monday with its aircraft having to undertake an emergency landing in Nagpur.

The Jet Airways flight to Mumbai had to be turned around after birds, believed to be eagles, damaged the right engine during take-off from Nagpur on Monday morning.

The engine groaned audibly on take-off before the pilots announced about 15 minutes into the flight they were returning to the Baba-sahib Ambedkar International Airport because of the damage.

There was a clap or two in relief at touching down in Nagpur but most of the players seemed more frustrated at the disruption to their schedule than too concerned over the health of the aircraft.

However Brad Hogg looked a tad nervous about the whole affair after the team sat on the tarmac for more than an hour while attempts were made to repair the engine.

Nathan Bracken said team physiotherapist Alex Kountouris, a nervous flyer, was a little shaken.

"As soon as it landed he said he was not flying again, he said he was catching the train to Mumbai," said Bracken.

"We felt pretty safe as we were flying with the Indian side and they are living gods over here," he said.

"And the pilot is probably going to be a legend for landing the plane and saving the Indian team.

"But it shows you how quickly something can go from a standard flight to extreme circumstances."

Several ground staff spent more than a quarter of an hour just trying to open a metal box to repair the engine before players from both the Australian and India teams and the rest of the passengers were told to exit.

All players were taken to a hotel to wait for another flight due to leave around 1:30pm local time (1800 AEST).

Television stations in India jumped on the story with graphics of an eagle bouncing off a plane.

The engine problem was just the latest incident in an action-packed series which has seen Andrew Symonds racially abused by fans and members of both sides involved in some fiery exchanges.

The unfortunate birds achieved something the Indian cricketers had failed to do - slow the Australians.

The World Cup holders have marched triumphantly through their one-day series, only dropping one match in the opening six encounters.

They are due to finish off the series at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday before a one-off Twenty20 match on Saturday against the newly-crowned world champions in the game's newest form.


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