Thursday, October 04, 2007

Me @ Asia Hockey Cup

This was the first major sporting event I ever get to watch directly. Yes I got chance to see one the matches in the Asia Hockey Cup tournament. It was a completely action packed game. Excited at seeing the international players directly and very close. I could feel the pressure players will have on field and the aggression they show in fields. It was totally a different experience than watching an event by TV.

The game was happening in Mayor Radhakrishnan stadium which is located near to Egmore railway station in mid of Chennai.

I went to watch this game with my school time friend Subramania Siva and his friend Saravanan.

Match was between Malaysia and Japan. Though the country playing is Malaysia, there are many Indian origin players, there was I think almost four Indian origin players and among them are two Tamilian players. So it was more or less like Indian team against Japan. Man of the match was won by Indian origin Tamilian player who was goal keeper for the Malaysian team. So needless to say the applause he got.

Here are the few pictures of the players in action ,

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