Friday, October 26, 2007

Way To PSR Engineering College From Kovilpatti

Those days of traveling 3 hours everyday to and fro from my home to reach my college PSR was all eventful filled with fun and ecstasy, all thanks to the gang of people who travel by our college bus.

This time around I happened to visit my grandma place traveling through the same plains I used to travel to reach the PSR college... All the way from Kovilpatti to Sevalpatti, one can't see anything much other than rocky mountains, small villages which comes once at every 5 or 10 KMs, part agriculture lands and part dry, unused lands.... so its completely different from the current metro life... though Chennai metro life is different it has lots of improve compared to true metros...

The trace route between Kovilpatti and my college is, Kovilpatti -> Ileyaresanathal(Ile-ya-resa-nathal) -> Sippiparai(Sip-pi-parai) -> Naduvapatti (Nadu-va-patti) -> Myparai(My-parai) -> Sangupatti(San-gu-patti) -> Thiruvengadam(Thiru-venga-dam) -> Kundampatti(Kund-am-patti) -> finally my college PSR which is at Sevalpatti(Sev-al-patti).

A near no-man land like the Mars... its between Kovilpatti and Thiruvengadam(Thiru-venga-dam)

A vegetated land...

Its none other than Mr Karthikeyan Ramchel
(its for clueless search crawlers to identify me and my page for this term)

My cousin Raj.. The trusted lieutenant in my war against life...

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