Thursday, November 11, 2010

@Computer History Museum, N. Shoreline Blvd

From the Great Mall, we went on to visit Computer History Museum. The day pass we got from the bus, was valid even in local train(both are managed by VTA, may because of single owner, tickets are valid at both). Good to have such integrated system in other places too.

From Great Mall station, we went to Middlefield station. From there on, Ramesh has started to show his marks on schedule preparation based on Google Map. Whatever plan he made from Google Maps was different from what we endured. From Midfield light rail station, we walked up to nearby bus stop and waited for nearly 2 hours to get the 'pre-planned' bus to museum.

I should mention it here. That place was decorated very nicely with well maintained lawn and sprawling space between buildings, a big parking lot, lined up trees.. fantastic.. infact that normal business area around the bus stop is much much much better than most of planned Indian getaway spots likes parks etc...

And hear what while we four were waiting, another three Indian guys joined us in the same spot and they too on the way to museum. Most importantly, they too planned their trip after Google Maps. Hmmmm.. everyone of us were in same loop... Holed up in that place for nearly 2 hours...

A long wait at Midfield bus stop

But it was not just bus stop... A much better place... This one was kept next to the stop..

And yes Verisign had office there... turn anywhere in Moutain View, you would notice one familiar computer / software brand...

here comes another Indian gang..

Finally a group shot.. From L to R: Theiventhiran, Mani, Myself and Ramesh

Finally got into bus and from there, as expected the Google Maps plan failed and we were on our own... Walked walked walked miles... no humans on road... with no one to ask route, we were just walking to see some joints/market...

But those walks are not tiresome... All along it was mesmerizing trees, neatly kept roads, lawns etc...

And finally into Museum and we found this out all on our own and after some 1 hour of walking all directions....

We thought they only keep old computers.. but they are too realistic.. they got even old people who had actually used those old computer pieces..

museum had all sorts things used inside the PC... for software junkies all looks like art..

At first thought, this looks like a printing machine usually found in Sivakasi priting outlets.. but closer will tell you, its infact a kind of computer..

what else we can do, stare everywhere

A photo-op

A truly junk lunch.... would like to forget this ever happened..

But cant beat this public places... amazed they keep things in order and pretty...

In the lodge where Ramesh stayed..

With Ramesh, in BG is his office..

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