Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living the dream

The day finally came for travel to US. Not to say, I missed dearly my parents on this day.

My Singapore Airlines flight left Chennai to San Francisco as scheduled around 11PM and had transits through Singapore and South Korea.

Singapore Airlines operate kind of different aircraft on Chennai - SG route compared to the SG - SFO route. Chennai - SG flight was little cramped and with the provided inflight entertainment, it would have been a nightmarish travel experience. But all those fears was due to my limited knowledge of not knowing there would be different flight between Singapore and SFO journey.

Landed in Singapore around 4AM in morning, I was in awe at the Singapore's Changi airport. Amazing and huge. I explored almost all the places in terminal T2 & T3 and what to say other than wow. You cant expect anything more from those people. All is there for you and its upto you to make use of it. Superb. My first alien land experience was beyond what I thought of and it really upped my expectation from dream land US.

Myself @ Singapore Changi Terminal T3

Imposing Changi Terminal T3. Its just huge... Cant walk around all the places..

there are mini trains which ply between Changi terminals

Here comes the South Korean airport... Its certainly not comparable to Singpore Changi but more than 100 times better than Chennai / Delhi airports.. This Koren airport posses in all steel look...

finally it was time to leave South Korea and board to SFO headed flight

In flight experience in SG air was very good... It can indeed keep one engaged even in those long haul flights for 15 hours.. and even if you are bored at content available, at regular interval, you will be given excellent food / snacks.

By chance / luck, I dont know.. but I was given the front row seat in the Economy class, which more or less was like Business class seat with long long leg room and great space before you... Indeed had a very comfortable ride just in the very first travel abroad...

Now let me move to US experience...

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