Thursday, November 11, 2010

@Great Mall, Milpitas

I was all alone and just on my own right from applying the VISA and travel upto US. But the story was different inside US. Got a college mate right next in my neighborhood and my cousin brother who settled in US and by chance/luck, he too was working in same area at that time where I was working & staying.

After a long travel and little hiccups in customs clearance over my mango & garlic pickle jar(finally they allowed me take it with me after I promised them pickles are preserved item and not a fresh food), I was out inside the US mainland, to be precise, in Mountain View, CA.

Except few shocks like two guys kissing right in-front of the airport and just at the moment I was just coming out of Airport. It was indeed a very warm welcome.

The first week in US was spent on adjusting timezone and preparing for first week of work. In second week got a outing planned by my college mate / also my fellow native Kovilpatti'zen / also my school mate / also a friend, Ramesh.

Plan was to visit Great Mall for window shopping and then straight to Computer Museum. Since all of us were working on short business assignments, none of us had car, which is against the norm of US living. But nothing stopped us. We were out on our own and thanks for VTA(Valley Transport Authority) public service. Took a day pass and free to hop on/off from and to anywhere/anytime.

From L to R: Theiventhran, Myself and Ramesh inside Great Mall

From L to R: Myself, Mani and Ramesh

May be due to effect of Hollywood or something... Please endure the torture :)

A huge shopping mall... No passes required other than dollar to enter shops.. any shops...

Interesting to see those huge car parking's and most importantly neat...

A flower shop in the same complex

A view from the Great Mall VTA Light Rail station

Indians are everywhere in Mountain View / San Jose area..

A dream come true....

Should we suggest to replace the Ashoka emblem with this trio?? Who want that coin?

A surprise notice was the Phoenix University... Have seen those so many popups from this university advertising online masters degree... happy to realize this university indeed has real office and not just internet office..

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