Friday, November 12, 2010

@Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Lucky to be in US when it was celebrating its Independence Day. My foremost complain while staying in US was deserted streets and ghosts home. Homes there are so huge but you cant find single one outside any of the home. Most homes looked like Ghosts palace. But finally got a chance to see citizens of US in streets on July 4th.

As usual, my friend Ramesh sketched up plans to spend the holiday. Got a gang of six and here we go,

Inside out of Caltrain... en-route to San Francisco from Moutain View..
striking difference between this tracks and Chennai metro trains are so visible here...
Chennai metro tracks are demarcated by huge bridges from one side of road to another side.. but here in US, crossing from one side to another was just couple of feet away...

Myself and Ramesh inside Caltrain

This a view in one street near Palo Alto..
Finally a bunch of US citizens... A hard to find in other days..

The Independence Day carnival finally kick-started..

Got switched to MUNI buses from Caltrain... en-route to Golden Gate..

Here we are finally.. A dream place indeed to visit..
Myself next to the statue of Golden Gate bridge creator.. in the background is the great Golden Gate bridge..

Myself and friends from Arasan Chips...(not snacks but computer chips)

Theiventhiran and Me

A dream come true... In Golden Gate bridge..

Imposing Golden Gate bridge..

A gang from Arasan chips...
Mani, Chithirai, Ramesh, Theiventhiran and Myself

Remarkable place.. Will stay in memory forever...

From bridge, we walked out little sideways to explore the area...

Here we are at, people are enjoying crap catching..

finally its time to say goodbye to Golden Gate.. a truly great place...

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